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Gross hypocrisy

Let's start with wars. After all it is the most profitable "business" known to mankind.

The US involvement in the Vietnam War, Bay of Pigs invasion, War in Afghanistan, Gulf War, Iraq War to name but a few, is always portrayed as necessary and justified. What of the millions of innocent lives lost?

I do not condone violence, and the loss of any life is a tragedy. However, September 11 2001 saw the death of 2,996 people on US soil and the reverberations of that day are still felt with solemn memorials conducted every year. But what of the travesties perpetuated on the rest of the world?

Every day we are informed of a new violation - unmanned US drones as a war against terror, unsolicited US government surveillance programmes and now blatant disregard of diplomatic immunity rights.

I wonder how the US would react if the world at large committed such deeds against them? Would they treat it as an act of war? Food for thought.

Lopa Baweja


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