Greed, corruption and the demagogue

opinion May 26, 2014 00:00

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Vint Chavala says, "the [deposed] government's damaging populist schemes have for the last decade endangered our long-term economic vision".

Most of the populist agenda is a good thing but Vint hits it on the nail when he talks of “schemes”. One facet of the schemes is that anybody that criticises them is elitist and hates the poor. 
Had they been carried out solely for social reasons and the funding restricted to the agenda, it would have been a brilliant socialist coup. 
As with the rice scheme, Thai Rak Thai was set up for corruption. There was no socialist element in its formation. That followed later after Dr Weng forsook the yellow-shirt platform for the red-shirt one, no doubt on a question of principle. 
The three things that caused Thailand’s democracy to falter were greed, corruption and the demagogue.