Govt campaigning on a broken record

your say February 01, 2014 00:00

The prime minister might want to adapt an old English election ditty: "Vote, vote, vote for Mr Thaksin, kick old Abhisit out of the door, for Thaksin is our man and we'll have him if we can and we won't vote for Abhisit any more."

Yingluck is encouraging everyone to vote for the party that:
l Brought together the democratic “red villages”
l Disbursed the Village Fund to buy the 2004 election and increase poverty among the poor
l Passed legislation that made Thaksin even richer
l Brought out the red shirts to attack the yellow shirts and besiege the city for a fake cause and then left them on the streets when that request was satisfied
l Passed an amnesty bill that betrayed its own followers for one man’s greed, only to see it rejected by the Senate
l Passed a bill to make sure the Senate would not do the same thing again
l Passed a bill to keep Parliament’s nose out of international agreements
l Passed a mega-project bill to be paid for by expensive loans that could be paid for by government budget if corruption was curbed
l Passed a bill to buy votes from farmers and then betrayed them by giving most of the money to cronies, then not paying them so they would be subjected to red-village retribution 
If that is what the country needs, God help us all.
Richard Bowler