Government supported by criminals

your say January 28, 2014 00:00

As has been seen from the outset of the Thaksin Shinawatra regime, it places little value on human life.

From Tak Bai to 2010 to the present time, murder is all in a day’s work for its supporters. Challenge the Shinawatra regime and the only response will be thuggery, guns, bombs and arson. That is what they know.
On Sunday another anti-corruption protester was murdered. Another person, unarmed and doing no more than trying to establish democracy as a form of government in his country, has paid for his efforts with his life. The only weapon he used was a microphone.
Internationally it must be realised that Thailand in no way resembles a democracy. The question now to be posed is, can it be included with the many nations considered civilised?
Such murderous regimes elsewhere in the world are outed and condemned. Why is this Shinawatra regime not arrested and taken to the international court in The Hague? To be left in government and recognised internationally is a disgrace to the civilised world. Tak Bai alone should have seen its leader facing serious criminal charges. But he has been free to roam the free world, buying property in the UK and even a football club, with his criminal record of no consequence. The UK government has displayed shameless hypocrisy as has the rest of the Western world.
Thailand belongs to all Thais, not just to the Shinawatra family, its cronies and the police force.
J C Wilcox

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