Got your nickname for the Happiness Coup yet?

your say June 04, 2014 00:00

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Re: "Push for Gross National Happiness", Front page, June 3.

I am so glad the junta has decided on Gross National Happiness as the goal and theme of its coup. Now we can call it the Happiness Coup. In this we are following the lead of the wise Bhutanese and their handsome young king, who have long been leaders in the field of Gross National Happiness.
I expect that those five logos the NCPO has been broadcasting non-stop on TV all day long will now be augmented by a sixth one, in the form of a smiley face. Whoops, no – I just looked, and the logos are gone, CNN is back, and Anderson Pooper-Scooper is still crucifying poor Donald Sterling. Some things never change. Well, a smiley face would have been a cheery addition to the logo line-up.
My husband suggests that those who favour the new national ideal should show their support by adopting happy nicknames. He’s calling himself Happy Horace, and wants me to call myself Contented Connie.
Cynics will sneer that promoting national happiness is infantile. They’ll also quote Aeschylus, who is said to have snarled, “Happiness is for pigs.” 
Well, Aeschylus was an old sourpuss. You want to be unhappy? Be my guest.
I can’t wait for the Stephff cartoon. (His happy nickname could be Smiling Stephff.)
Contented Constance Beasley (Mrs)