Genetic anarchy?

your say June 03, 2014 00:00

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Having recently attended a seminar at a university and learned of differing political experiences, it would seem that instability is in the Thai "genetic" makeup. "We can't trust the military, so it must be closely monitored."

Weeding out corruption was a main concern at the seminar, but there would seem to be an intrinsic “anti” rather than “pro” attitude toward any form of governance. Thais in their 50s recalled fighting the establishment while wearing red. Some of them support Thaksin, while others oppose him and have joined the PDRC camp.
Eight decades of the right to vote and after 18 coups, the country is once again immersed in another military take-over and an anti-coup protest. Like the PDRC, the NCPO is working for reform by eradicating the remains of an entrenched regime that was undemocratic. The intention is to establish democracy.
Every group claims to fight for democracy, regardless of shirt colour, social or financial status. After eight decades of “democracy”, it is still proving elusive. Perhaps Thais do not want stability but enjoy regime change by protest. A coup supplies yet another reason for a chance to protest.
The impression given is that the alleged common objective – democracy – is not understood. Were this not so, democracy would be a common cause that would unite rather cause conflict.
JC Wilcox