Forget the political crisis, aren't there other issues for us to dissect?

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I'm sure many readers will be delighted to know that I've taken a pledge to not write any more letters about the current political crisis in Thailand (at least not directly). I am bored out of my wits reading the same endless cliches coming from both side

Can any readers say they have learned one thing from these letters that they didn’t already know? Just the other day I came across a letter by a regular correspondent and before reading on I imagined what he wrote. When I read the letter it was almost identical to what I imagined!
Thais generally don’t even read the English language press. So the letter section is essentially a bunch of expats fighting among themselves. It reminds me of the old days when I’d get drunk in bars and get into heated political debates with other drunks, really believing that the rest of the world cared which drunk made the best arguments!
I also find it ironic that David Brown once complained I was too repetitious because I write about three letters a year promoting vegetarianism, yet doesn’t think he’s repetitious when he writes about three letters a week about the Thai crisis (taking the same position every time).
So I would like to see a greater diversity of issues in the letter section before I stop reading them altogether.
Eric Bahrt 

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