Foreigners are not stakeholders here

your say May 02, 2014 00:00

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Re: "Clubbing together", Letters, May 1.

Eric Bahrt chastises me for not condemning the recent death of a red-shirt poet, and  me a coward and a hypocrite.
On the contrary, it pains me every time violence breaks out in the land in which I was born, am living and am going to die.
Allow me to explain: It’s trouble enough that we Thais are now fiercely quarrelling.
But some foreigners who are “guests” in our country are not helping.
Instead, some of them are raking up more trouble for us, by pitting us against each other, despite the fact that this is an internal affair that has nothing to do with them in any way.
Hence, if Eric Bahrt should ask my opinion on this, I would say that if a guest is not happy in the house he lives in, instead of pitting members of that household against one another, he should go live somewhere else and leave the householders to have their own fight.
Foreigners are just outsiders: They are not the stakeholders here.
No further explanation required.
Vint Chavala