Foreign media pro-Thaksin?

your say May 30, 2014 00:00

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Re: "Clowns at the Chaturon circus", Letters, May 29.

It seems to me that Clara Holzer presumes too much when she states that what she calls the media circus at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club surrounding the arrest of Chaturon Chaiseng makes “us foreigners blush with shame over being associated with such unprofessional ‘reporters’”. Really? What right does this woman have to speak for “us foreigners”, and exactly which foreigners is she referring to? Not me, for sure. And what qualifies her to claim that certain reporters are unprofessional, and on what evidence does she base this accusation?
As regards her claim that the FCCT is “pro-Thaksin”, well, I think we can leave the club to respond to that accusation if they so wish, but as a member of the club I am well aware that they regularly provide a platform for those of differing political opinions to express their views.
Robin Grant