Foreign media failing to tell full story behind coup

your say June 08, 2014 00:00

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Re: "Foreign media pro-Thaksin?", Letters, May 30.

Mr Grant, when I say “we” I do so because I look around and what I see is the opposite of what the BBC, the Wall Street Journal and other corporate newspapers write. In the least they lie by omission. Do I need proof? It would take several pages to fill this letter. Apart from at Victory Monument I see no soldiers around, and there is no enforcement of the curfew, unlike the previous ones. Business is returning to normal and the Army has chosen the most capable people to set Thailand back on its feet after it had been massacred with ill-conceived populist policies aimed at pilfering the country for the interests of a few corrupt elements. The baht has not crashed despite warnings from foreign media that the economy would suffer, Farmers are being paid and the rice “scam” has been terminated. Government institutions can work without interference from politicians and nepotism. Terrorist elements are finally being arrested. Yes, there are foreigners and the FCCT who will cry “democracy abused”, despite there never being one in the first place. What platform has the FCCT offered that I can remember besides boring events? Jakrapob Penkair? Nattawut and Jatuporn? And a mediocre discussion on lese-majeste with respected panellists, but ones who had nothing to do with lese-majeste except for the fact that they had been unjustly sued in Thailand. As for asking the FCCT themselves, I welcome their comments.
Clara Holzer