For the love of their country

your say April 03, 2014 00:00

The gates were locked and chained at the Finance Ministry yesterday. The metal barrier separated the protesters outside from the employees within the compound. Yet food and other assistance was being passed freely and with love from Thais on one side to T

When these gates are unchained, when armed violence is condemned, when radio stations sowing hatred are banned, when the police force upholds the law for all, when Thais across the land can embrace each other in the love of their country regardless of the colour of their attire, and above all, when the whole media industry unites in hounding corrupt officials out of office and condemning the destructive forces dividing Thais, then Thailand will have passed through the gates – the gates of democracy.
Thais deserve nothing less than democracy, but that means being led by those whose love of their country is greater than their love of themselves.
JC Wilcox