Fighting a rotten and depraved government

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Blaming the PDRC and Suthep Thaugsuban for the troubled state of the country is tantamount to blaming the victim rather than holding the rapist to account. Over the last 13 years Thailand has been raped, all in the name of Thaksin supporters' simplistic i

Well, we’ve witnessed the result of the vote: a self-serving, corrupt government which steals from the poorest in the country while enriching its members.
Now the rape victim is fighting back, but Suthep’s critics shout foul, claiming he and the PDRC are out of order. “Suthep, enough is enough,” they say. 
Thailand is fighting for democracy and to release itself from strangulation by a rotten, depraved government lead by a convicted fugitive. Suthep is not an armchair critic hiding behind a keyboard but a man who has the courage to stand up for the love of HM the King, his country and his fellow Thais against tyranny and exploitation. When it was suggested to him that he would go down in Thai history, he snapped, “I don’t want that.” He was then asked why he never wears a hat. He answered that he had nothing to hide. 
Suthep is a servant of his country and its people, a man who has respect for justice. Whatever the criticism of his actions, his intentions are noble and patriotic. Unlike so many others, he understands democracy and is prepared to fight for it.
JC Wilcox

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