Feb 2 election will prove Pheu Thai on the way out

your say February 12, 2014 00:00

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Re: "Compromise and negotiation the only way out of Thailand's crisis", Opinion, February 8.

Nisid Hajari of Bloomberg has missed one important revelation from the February 2 election – that the likelihood of the family-led Pheu Thai Party losing an election now appears likely.
Out of 43 million eligible voters (46 per cent), excluding 9 southern districts, 20 million went to the polling stations. 3 million voted “No” and 2.4 million votes were invalid. Only 14 million voted for Pheu Thai candidates and fringe parties. 
About 23 million (54 per cent) ignored the election. Based on the past, 30 per cent of the 23 million (7 million people) habitually ignore any election, leaving 16 million convinced by Suthep of giving this election a miss. 
In conclusion, anti-government votes amount to 19 million – 3 million “No Vote” plus 16 million while Pheu Thai and the fringe command only 14 million. In the last election in 2011, Pheu Thai and others got 15 million and 4 million respectively. 
In sum, defeat is in sight for the Pheu Thai and especially so when this estimation is without taking into account the 9 southern districts, which are the opposition’s stronghold. No compromise is necessary and the tears of the farmers who have been defaulted by this government has done its work. Now, one can go back to the rule of majority with care for the feelings of the minority, for a change.
Songdej Praditsmanont