Faster than a speeding snail

your say February 22, 2014 00:00

Re: "NACC's hasty move in rice scandal a sop to opposition: PM", Politics, February 20.

Yingluck said she was responsible for making policy while government agencies under her policy direction implemented the scheme. “The bureaucratic system has its own standards and regulations, so my work at the policy level does not have the authority to directly operate, order or overrule the work of government officials in any way.”
Why did she then feel free to submit two official petitions to the NACC on February 11 for the commission to replace Professor Vicha Mahakun, the chief investigator in her case? 
Perhaps the NACC’s haste is related to her attempt to close down the corruption investigation altogether via the so-called amnesty bill and waste seven years of investigation.
A better question to ask: What has impeded the NACC’s progress with the thousands of cases that are yet to come to court?
Richard Bowler