Farm kids deserve a proper education too

your say August 03, 2014 01:00

Re: "All Thais have a chance to improve their lot". EL Wout, Aug 2 Letters.

In Yasothon they have two large schools accepting the kids who have completed grammar school. One is the “A” class school where it is required to pass tests in order to enter and the other is the “B” class school that accepts the remainder of the kids. 
The B school only goes to the ninth grade. When a student has completed that school, they can then test for the A school if they wants to get a high school diploma. If they do not pass the test, they can have their family pay Bt30,000 to go on. In most cases they either attend a technical school or elect to just terminate their education. 
The teaching is good in both schools, however the A school pushes the students while the B school placates them and tries to find ways to pass those students who fail subjects. 
I understand why this system exists. Many of these kids are expected to return to work the farm with their families after nine years and a nine-year education is mandatory in Thailand. But the Bt30,000 fee is a dead end for farm kids who might have improved had they gone on.
If they do manage to complete high school, they then have to look to an exorbitant fee to enter a college. Another dead end for a farm kid. You are living in a dream world EL.
 The fact is that a dark skinned kid, raised on a farm in Isan with no connections whatsoever, could not get through the system unless Khun Thaksin gave him financial backing. And we all know that's not going to happen.
Even if by some miracle a kid managed to make it through the maze, they would then have to buy their way into a political party because the government positions are locked up.
You can’t make money or secure an important position because you can’t buy your way through the system. Catch 22.
I didn’t say that you called them lazy. I said “they”, the affluent, called them lazy. Only you know if you are a part of that group. Obviously you have a problem with your reading also.
As for labelling the poor “poor”, I did that because that’s what they are. All of the euphemistic labels that the affluent label them with, along with other titles such as visually impaired and mentally handicapped are nothing but a means of helping the affluent accept that these people exist while they are making the rounds of the luxury malls. The people suffering the maladies couldn't care less what you call them.
John Arnone