Excessive tuition-school attendance

your say July 10, 2014 00:00

At last! The Education Ministry has decided to investigate why so many students are attending tuition schools.

Please allow me to give an example from my daughter’s school which may shed some light on this issue. My daughter was told that if she wanted to do well in her end-of-term exams and be in the top class the following semester then she would have to learn XYZ. However, she was then told that there was enough time to learn XYZ and so should attend a particular tuition school who would be teaching XYZ. Lo and behold, the teacher at that particular school, specialising in the teaching of XYZ was her class teacher from school! Yes, the one who recommended the tuition school because the school which I pay fees for each year wouldn’t be able to cover what would be in the final exams!

Now, I do understand that teachers receive a pittance here in Thailand, but enhancing their wages should not be done at the expense of less well-off children’s education. Teachers and schools need to be overhauled and a new education system introduced. The ministry should study the systems employed in Finland, Hong Kong, Singapore or the UK and develop an approach based on the successes of these countries. Perhaps with better classroom results teachers would not be respected solely because they are “teachers”, but on their worth as educators! Unfortunately for Thailand’s children, there are too many dinosaurs standing in front of the blackboard; teachers who believe that children will learn more if they are beaten and humiliated.

Ajun Dee