Even from a great distance, Thaksin impacting our lives

your say May 19, 2014 00:00

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Ref: "Better to leave Thaksin out of it", Letters, yesterday.

Somsak Pola pointed out my failure to mention that the amnesty bill was also meant to cover those accused of causing deaths in the 2010 crackdowns, not only for Thaksin. 
That is correct but there is a big difference. The accused have not yet been judged guilty, jailed or on the run while Thaksin was. That is why many Thais have been upset by the audacity of Yingluck’s henchmen in Parliament. 
Also, his idea of leaving Thaksin out of the political equation is unreal. Without a doubt, Thaksin’s existence even outside Thailand affects our fate. His contention would have been correct if Thaksin were not in the same world as ours.
Songdej Praditsmanont