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Re: "Don't let anti-government blowhards hog this space", Letters, April 23.

It’s actually quite refreshing to see Thais and other Asians commenting regularly in the Thai English-language press, which certainly hasn’t been the case for much of my last three decades as a reader.

But it seems that in Eric Bahrt’s heart, the “hog” does not enjoy the same status as the average mangy soi dog. His venturing an opinion that certain people are taking up too much of space in Letters columns would seem to contradict his own daily drumbeat, which borders on “distemper” (which I was sure he was against). His brief absence from the Letters column might be explained by his self-appointment to the post of representing the poor of the Northeast as well as the current government. I checked and no person in government seems to know anything about his appointment. Probably just an oversight. And I’m sure the editors of the two English-language papers were equally surprised to discover that Eric was in charge of rating their performance.

Mark A Smith


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