Endless scams blighting Phuket

opinion March 13, 2014 00:00

Re: "Beauty spots and litter mountains", Letters, March 12.

Dave Brown’s letter is spot-on. Scams and corruption have been part of Phuket for too long, and those who run the scams call the shots and make a mockery of the system and the law. Tourism will suffer if the changes that are desperately needed are not explored and implemented. Tourists must be wary over everything from using a credit card to catching a taxi. They are forced to put up with dodgy tuk-tuks and grubby treatment. How can such a corrupt system of transport rule the roads, tourism and the lawmakers? Tourists are being treated merely as sheep to fleece. 
Thailand, beware. Tourists love this land, but its resorts are too frequently in the news because of the underhanded practices that are being allowed to fester and flourish.
Stuart Davie