Elections are not a cure-all, reform is needed first

your say June 09, 2014 00:00

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I have been reading lots of letters and articles about elections. Most are coming from Westerners who know nothing about Thailand, or obviously, nothing about democracy. Even John Kerry made sure to mention elections as if they are a cure-all for a countr

I would like all of these people to consider that elections are nothing more than a part of the machinations of democracy. The spirit of democracy is the chance that any citizen has to serve in a government post or even become the head of government. 
In Thailand’s present form of government, that is not possible and that is why reform is needed prior to any elections. 
Basically Thailand adapted the UK form of government and it doesn’t work here. 
Put an end to the appointment of people to government and the majority party’s appointment of the prime minister. Everyone should be elected including the prime minister. If they have a college degree in a related field, they can run for a law-making post. If they have experience in such a post, they can run for PM. 
Put an end to party politics, appointments and the pseudo “House of Lords” that now exists and then hold an election. You just might be surprised at the outcome. 
John Arnone