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Election delay, reforms will take Thaksin out of equation

The so-called democracy we have now perpetually returns Thaksin to power despite him being personally disqualified.

He is a proxy dictator citing an election mandate. We now know that his return to Thailand will never be acceptable to a large crowd capable of felling a government. It beggars belief that a political party insists on loyalty to someone who has become a burden to their ability to govern. Suppose, then, that there was no election for the time being. With his chequebook not needed, before long they would discard him. Given the trouble his autocratic decisions create (the amnesty trick cost Yingluck a full term), sooner or later a faction within Pheu Thai will see the light and break ranks. I take my hat off to Mingkwan Saengsuwan for being the first to show moral backbone by quitting the party. That really is the first step towards dismantling this Thaksinocracy, so that both sides are free to find common ground in reforming the system. Thaksin will never be interested in reform if it erodes his ill-gotten electoral advantage. But he will need to reform personally if he wants to come home safely. It's time for everyone to realise this and move on.

Andy Purnell


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