Election could easily swing Democrats' way

your say February 23, 2014 00:00

Re: "Pheu Thai would still win poll", Letters, February 22.

I think Somsak Pola, after echoing the Pheu Thai Party motto that the Democrats are always scared of an election, might see a reversal of fortunes very soon.
In the 2011 election, Pheu Thai received 15 million votes, the Democrats 11 million. 
That’s not a very large margin of victory. Don’t gloat just yet.
If an election is held any time soon, a 15 per cent slide in popularity for Pheu Thai, with the Democrats picking up those lost votes, would likely see Pheu Thai eat the Democrats’ dust for the first time.
However, no one can blame the Democrats for being scared to compete with Pheu Thai at any election: Who would want to stand against such unreformed tricksters? And God knows what tricks these prevaricators will have up their sleeves next time around.
Vint Chavala