Election a referendum on Thai democracy

your say February 05, 2014 00:00

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With the election over we have one less opportunity for confrontation.

We should rather let Pheu Thai commit economic suicide via the rice scheme it insists on persisting with. How many seats Pheu Thai “wins” is meaningless since the election will almost certainly be declared void eventually. However, it was right that it went ahead, just to prove that those who wish to vote, can, and that those who wish to deny this present democratic system any legitimacy can show their numbers. 
With the cost of the election a mere Bt84 per head, think of it as referendum on reform. If the number who voted for a party does not exceed 50 per cent of the 45 million registered voters then we have the “will of the minority” seeking a formal government before reform. Let the by-elections conclude so the final tally of no-votes and absent voters can be announced. A landmark election.
Chiang Mai