Education starts at home

your say July 05, 2014 00:00

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Re: "Education - an eightfold path", Letters, July 4.

Phibbs Phibbs considers the NCPO is not acting to reform education.
Education starts in the womb and at home, not at the school gates. The NCPO is well aware of this and is addressing the very fundamentals of an all-embracing, national education.
The family unit is the building block of society. A child raised in a family of domestic violence due to gambling, and immersed in corruption, is receiving a very poor education from which it will suffer all its life.
Education is an all-day, life-long process greatly influenced by local behavioural habits and those in authority running the country. An attitude of “get whatever you want however you can, ignore the law and it’s okay to shoot a judge” hardly provides an environment conducive to sound education. In such an environment, academic education could even be a means by which crime could become better organised and exploited.
The NCPO is educating the whole country with its reforms towards a more just, law-abiding, socially cohesive society. That is the first step on the pathway towards education. Life’s teachers are first parents, then society as a whole and schoolteachers. They must all first be educated in order that a child will learn to respect the society upon which it depends. Once on this road, academia can then play its part.
The NCPO is doing an excellent job in educating a nation which had lost its way. Without such applied wisdom, there would simply have been more of the same conflict and corruption that brought the need for the NCPO in the first place.
JC Wilcox