Education - an eightfold path

your say July 04, 2014 00:00

Thanks to the NCPO, Thailand seems to be on a genuine reform path. However, it seems that once again, education reform is missing in action. I propose eight basic changes to the Thai education system that I believe will uplift Thai society forever:

1. No class should have more than 25 students. 
2. Thai education’s no-fail policy must cease immediately. 
3. A special police unit should be created to unmask all the corruption in Thai schools and especially within administration. 
4. Physical education should be every day for all students. 
5. Sports in Thai schools now is all intramural. This is not enough. Buses should be taking soccer players, volleyball players, and badminton players to other schools to compete. Also, playoffs should be part of the scene. Hundreds of students and parents will probably watch. The result will be that school spirit and pride will soar. 
6. Students’ academic achievement should be rewarded with certificates and recognition in daily assemblies. In other words, incentives are important. 
7. An atmosphere of real learning rather than rote learning should be fostered. However, this cannot occur without more parental involvement. 
8. School committees comprised of members of the public, parents and even students should hold administrators accountable and have the power to dismiss them.
There are other areas where Thai education could improve, but reforms like these would be a good a start.
Phibbs Phibbs