Editorial too kind towards former PM Yingluck

your say July 30, 2014 00:00

In a wishy-washy Editorial, [July 23] The Nation asserted that proper prosecution and condemnation of former prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra required"undeniable evidence" and also "presentation of irrefutable proof" and also "proof beyond rea

Each of these three levels of evidence are different, and obviously so. But this editorial committed a further travesty by saying about Yingluck: “…turning a blinded eye to corruption... and being negligent in one’s duties, are not the same thing”.
Further in the same article, ‘The Nation’ reveals that the cost of the rice scheme was nearly Bt900 billion, or US$30 billion to the country – that is nearly half the annual national expenditure. 
The editorial tells us this is not about the rice scam any more, it about peace and reconciliation. Did Yingluck personally benefit, the editorial asks? Oh dear, this is just great ... let us forget the $500 lost by every Thai citizen and love her in Paris. No coming back.
Paul Scott