EU High Representative could use some better advice

your say March 31, 2014 00:00

A recent cartoon in the UK Private Eye magazine entitled EUphemisms declared, "Calls for Reform mean we have to have a new constitution which bans calls for reform!"

Obviously in opposition to the anti-government crowd, European Union representative Catherine Ashton has called on authorities to set a clear timetable for a new election in line with Thailand’s democratic and constitutional framework. 
With her obvious knowledge of the last two years of legislation, perhaps Ashton might indicate one bill that meets her “democratic and constitutional framework” standard. 
“The high representative reiterates her urgent call on all involved to refrain from violence and act in accordance with democratic principles and the rule of law,” her spokesperson said. 
Has there been any attempt by the caretaker prime minister to restrain her bellicose supporters? 
Are those supporters not calling from the prime minister that came from an election to be dropped? Get better advice on what is going on, Catherine.