Don't mention the coup

your say June 18, 2014 00:00

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Re: "Those who scream 'coup' are deaf to the truth", Letters, June 13.

ML Saksiri Kridakorn complains that the Thai military seizing power from the government shouldn’t be called a “coup” and suggests we invent a euphemism for it.
Let’s call it the Last Resort, implying that the military had tried every possible way to deal with the political impasse, but to no avail. The problem is that, if the military turns to the Last Resort a few more times, which it will, the term will lose any sense and sound bad again. 
Meanwhile, on first hearing about the coup (sorry, “Last Resort”), I said to myself, “Holy faeces, they did it again! Oh sexual intercourse!”
Somsak Pola
Samut Prakan