Don't let anti-government blowhards hog this space

your say April 23, 2014 00:00

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Not only are opponents of the government manipulating the Letters sections of The Nation and the Bangkok Post, but so are the "comments" below the letters.

The Nation online publishes a “Mood Meter” under the Letters section. If a letter is critical of Suthep, about 80 per cent of users will click “angry”. Yet a letter supporting the man will get about 80 per cent “happy” or “inspired”. Meanwhile Postbag’s forum almost exclusively carries views by supporters of the anti-government movement. 
I don’t believe for one second that 80 per cent of the readers support the anti-government protesters, and thus I’m convinced there is a coordinated effort to manipulate the Letter sections of both newspapers.
There are many potential letter-writers who share my views on such controversial issues as the anti-government protests or animal rights, but they feel intimidated by the bullies who are hogging the Letters sections and maligning anyone who disagrees with them.
Nevertheless, since the animals and the rural poor in Thailand are unlikely to get letters published in these newspapers, they are depending on us to carry the ball for them. Don’t let them down.
Eric Bahrt