Don't close your ears to foreign views, they may help

your say May 05, 2014 00:00

Vint Chavala writes interesting letters but I wonder if he had a senior moment when he wrote on May 2 that "Foreigners are just outsiders: They are not stakeholders here".

I would like to ask Vint how he would feel if the car he drives had to be imported rather than assembled in Thailand or that the fuel for his car could not be refined in Thailand and had to be imported. 
The oil and petrochemical industry together with car assembly plants would not even exist in Thailand were it not for both foreign investment and the enormous expertise of foreigners who provide the technical know-how to maintain these industries in a viable and safe mode on a daily basis. And the same applies to many other hi-tech industries. 
Indeed, foreigners are made to feel like outsiders with the various restrictions they face, but today’s Thailand would be in a sad state without their expertise and money. 
Foreigners who contribute to the economy both from a tax viewpoint as well as their technical and commercial expertise should be respected and accepted here just as Thais are when working or residing in other countries. 
And as Thailand relies so heavily on tourism, where would the country be without the money they contribute? 
Thailand should welcome the views and opinions of foreigners. You don’t have to agree with them but at least listen to what they think. They may just be able to help you.
Chris Kaye