Don't bully Satish Sehgal

your say February 07, 2014 00:00

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If a foreigner follows our laws he should not be bullied, and I suggest that this also applies to exercising his freedom of speech.

It appears to me that Yingluck is seeking to deport Indian-born Satish Sehgal because he has been a vocal opponent of what he perceives as government corruption – which is his Constitutional right. If he has broken the law by, for example, violating the emergency decree, then let him have his day in court along with the hundreds of thousands of other demonstrators.
Many would say that, as a guest in our land, Satish should keep silent. But while I was in the US I was a houseguest one summer with a couple on the verge of divorce. During their daily verbal fights I stayed quiet in my room. But, had the fight turned violent, my duty would have been to intervene by, for example, calling the cops or protecting the endangered person. 
Here, today, the gulf is wider than ever before, with many killed and some calling for secession. Surely the time has come to speak out in peacefully seeking solutions to our problems, in which case Satish should be commended for caring about Thailand enough to try to help solve them.
Burin Kantabutra