"Doctor" Suthep cutting out cancer of corruption

your say February 18, 2014 00:00

Re: "Forget the academics, Suthep has given hope by doing things in real world:, Letters, February 17.

Khun Songdej has accurately summarised the real political situation. A doctor may not be able to cure a cancer, but he will try his best by removing the tumour. This is Lung Kamnan Suthep’s single goal. Reforms are needed before going to the polls. A caretaker government should comprise neutral elements, not the exact same line-up as the former government that was dissolved. 
People have a constitutional right to protest peacefully, and if the caretaker government refuses to hear the voices of the several millions of peaceful protesters, the latter may have to take more drastic measures such as to occupy government buildings. There is no need for an emergency decree, except for the caretaker government to use its dictatorial power on those who do not agree with its policies (“fascism” in my dictionary). Lung Kamnan is the hero of this saga. Without him, the Pheu Thai government would have taken Thailand to bankruptcy while its politicians continued to fill their pockets. 
Thai democracy is a smokescreen to fool less educated people to vote for a group of incompetent crooks to enrich themselves. I wholeheartedly agree with Khun Songdej and believe Lung Kaman when he says he will retire once he has achieved his goal of ridding Thailand of the cancerous tumour that is the Shinawatra dynasty. There was corruption before Thaksin, and Thailand has suffered several crises, but never has it been as divided as it is now. And this is the work of one delusional man, aided by the greed of his lackeys. Khun Somkiat Onwimon, a core leader of the PDRC, made a speech in English, starting “I have a dream”. I, and millions of other people in Thailand also share his dream. 
Clara Holzer

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