Do your homework

your say July 05, 2014 00:00

Re: "The roots of populism go deeper still", Letters, July 4.

Brilliant!  I had challenged Eric Bahrt to produce any evidence of populist policies before the election. Robin Grant charges me with not doing my homework. After his extensive homework all he managed to produce was a piece in The Nation which says “Thai Rak Thai’s policy platform … became the populist agenda which won the election”. This was published well after the election. It is here that the myth began. 
Perhaps Robin Grant can convince me that the huge number of sitting MPs who joined TRT and remained in the house had nothing to do with Thaksin’s victory and that they did it to benefit the poor. The populist policy which won the 2004 election was the village fund. Its advent in sufficient time for MPs to switch party urged more politicians to join TRT “for the benefit of the poor”.
Richard Bowler