Different strokes for different folks

your say April 16, 2014 00:00

Re: "Hardliner 'Ko Tee' has been cut adrift", Politics, April 15.

Interesting headline! It implies that Ko Tee is rigidly sticking to “company policy”.
During the “debate” on the amnesty bill the prime minister tried to avoid being in the wrong by pretending it was nothing to do with her. Even a couple of red-shirt MPs abstained to protect themselves from accusations of self interest. The pardon suggested under the “people’s amnesty bill” was trampled on, in line with company policy.  MPs voted for it in defiance of their democratic duty of representing their constituents. Nobody was isolated for these transgressions of public duty. 
Why is a different standard being used for Ko Tee? Nobody in the crowd threw a shoe at him. He clearly thought he spoke on behalf of the master of the BBC’s “people’s uprising against the elite”.
Let us hope that justice prevails in each of the cases.   
Richard Bowler