Different generations, different views

your say February 01, 2013 00:00

I think the lese majeste law will gradually be phased out, but it will take a long time - three or four generations, maybe. Consider that we used to have a law prohibiting commoners from even glancing at the King and his consorts.


Time changes everything. Europeans don’t burn people at the stake anymore. Nor do they use slave or child labour. Nor do they persecute Catholics and those who believe the sun revolves around the earth. About 60 years ago in the US, blacks and whites went to separate schools, used separate toilets and ate at separate restaurants. The Ku Klux Klan ran amok, terrorising black communities. Time changes all that. 
Thais are entitled to decide by themselves if, when and how to repeal or loosen up the lese majeste law. It will take time.   
Somsak Pola   
Samut Prakan