Dengue vaccine welcome news for all living here

your say August 04, 2014 01:00

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Last year I boarded a flight back to Australia not knowing that I had been bitten by an aedes aegypti mosquito and was incubating dengue. The fever broke in flight and it was the most uncomfortable trip home, with me alternating between hot and cold fever

My Australian doctor, a specialist in tropical medicine, said there was as yet no cure for dengue and he thought it would be a long time before there was one.
Earlier this week the Paediatric Infectious Disease Society of Thailand announced that a vaccine has been developed to prevent the disease or mitigate its severity. 
It is pleasing to see Thailand at the forefront of world 
medical research, further cementing its growing 
reputation as a medical and dental tourism hub. 
When the vaccine is approved by authorities, I urge everyone at risk of contracting dengue to seek vaccination. Speaking from first-hand experience, I assure you I will be lining up for the shot to avoid a repeat outbreak, as I am told the second time around can manifest itself as haemorrhagic fever, a much more difficult and dangerous proposition.
David Brown