Dear sir, political bias can warp people's judgement

your say March 10, 2014 00:00

Ref: "Reds losing their credibility", Letters, yesterday.

It is truly amazing how political bias can warp the judgement of people who are sensible and intelligent. The letter from JC Wilcox is a perfect example of this. He laments that so many opinions expressed in newspapers are uninformed and based on hearsay, not facts and experience, and then goes on to prove his own theory in remarkable fashion.
Here are some examples of his “fact-based” observations:
The government and its supporters rejoice in the deaths of children. 
Utterly wrong, and insulting. Some red-shirt hotheads do not represent the government and its supporters.
The anti-government protesters are non-violent, unarmed and acting within their constitutional rights. 
Wrong, wrong and wrong. They have resorted to violence when it suits them, as proved by many newspaper reports. Armed groups “protect” them. 
Suthep Thaugsuban says he does not know who they are, but has made no attempt to remove them from his rally sites. 
Finally, preventing people from exercising their democratic right to vote is expressly forbidden by the Constitution.
The anti-government protesters are seeking to establish a democratic form of government. 
How does the writer know this? They have not so far set out what the reforms would be. That would be left to an unelected body after their planned illegal seizure of power in defiance of the Constitution.
The UDD is calling for separatism and a republican state.
Wrong. The UDD have stated that they support neither of these aims. Yesterday’s editorial actually puts this issue into perspective. I could go on, but you get the picture.
Robin Grant