Curfews do not help restore economic growth

your say May 28, 2014 00:00

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One of the main purposes of the military junta is to restore economic growth and stability to Thailand.

After almost seven months of protests, a failed election and the continued unwillingness of leaders to reach a compromise, I was somewhat happy to hear that the military had finally taken charge and temporarily halted the prolonged “circus”. But, under this new command, economic growth and stability need to be looked at again. This prolonged curfew is now choking Thailand after it has already been kicked and punched for the past seven months. How does killing Thailand’s nightlife help restore economic growth? How does having tourists leaving en masse help Thailand’s stability? This curfew is a potential deathblow to many businesses that were already hanging on for dear life. Seeing people race home for fear of breaking the curfew and leaving the once fun and energetic streets of Thailand empty is sad and is not going to help restore economic growth and stability.
Mr Roren