Cultural sensitivities can be hard to explain

your say February 24, 2013 00:00

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Re: "Chinese tourists adapt quickly", Letters, yesterday


Somsak Pola says my correspondence on a clash of cultures resulting from Chinese tourists coming to Chiang Mai was meant to be funny and sarcastic. Not at all, that was a serious complaint, sir. There are even more stories to tell.
Buddhist temples in Chiang Mai are also having young Chinese female tourists dressed in their shorts coming to visit. As monks and temple officials are unable to explain the custom to them because they don’t understand English, the problem is escalating day by day.
Even though some of these tourists understand some English, it’s hard to communicate. When asked why he and his group came to Chiang Mai during the Chinese New Year, a Chinese male in his thirties stabbed a thumb to his chest and said importantly: “I am rich”.
Vint Chavala