Criticism of both sides works better

your say May 11, 2014 00:00

Vint Chavala tells us that if more Thais read the comments made in the English language press (he's referring to the comments made by opponents of the protest movement) they would be "fuming" mad.

Let’s think about that. Since the Democrats have not won an election in 20 years, isn’t it likely that attacks in the Letters columns of the English press which condemns everything Yingluck does, while never having a harsh word for the opposition, would make far more Thais fuming mad?
Unlike Vint, I have been critical of both sides. But I do try to create a balance to the almost pathological one-sided smear campaign being waged in the letters section against Yingluck. And I don’t believe anyone who cherishes democracy (as opposed to merely paying lip service to “democratic reform”), Thai or expat, would object to my effort to make the English language press more fair and balanced.
Eric Bahrt

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