Coup-makers don't need to justify their actions to anyone

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Re: "Difficult job selling the coup", and "Expats could be NCPO's secret propaganda weapon", Letters, August 13, 14.

I used to think Somsak Pola was part of Thaksin Shinawatra’s public-relations army. Now I believe he’s just a troll, contemptuous of the contributors to this column and its readers.
His sarcasm might amuse a few if it weren’t for the tragedy that befell Thailand under the rule of the previous regime, which Somsak continuously praised. Thailand’s woes were aggravated by the negative press spurted by the foreign corporate media and insidious support by Western countries. Despite his malevolent efforts, Thaksin is probably a has-been. But, like a wannabe Napoleon, he will never give up and will likely dream of making a comeback until the end of his days. His PR army is already gearing up. His sister Yingluck, ever the puppet, has begun with a photo session in a shopping mall where she would have never been seen otherwise.
Khun Sondej, General Prayuth Chan-ocha has restored sanity. He doesn’t need to justify himself, nor have anyone (even Somsak Pola) explain a “coup” whose only victims are the corrupt.
Clara Holzer

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