Coup critics, what are you afraid of?

your say July 11, 2014 00:00

I should like to ask some of your anti-coup correspondents, in particular Messrs Eric Bahrt and Somsak Pola, if they would prefer the never-ending protests and daily killings on the streets of Bangkok to the relative peace and safety of the present situat

Are they so afraid that the promised reforms might bring about the demise of the self-serving politicians of the previous government? No, Mr Bahrt, I have no cynical motivation. All I want, for the good of Thailand, is a democratic government run by honest politicians who have the interests of the people at heart, not their own welfare and business interests. Just as I respect your sincerity in promoting the causes you espouse, however misguided I consider them to be, I would ask you to respect mine.
Edward B Duhigg