Country needed a change: some cooperation, not corruption

your say June 16, 2014 00:00

Simple solutions seldom are. If you fail to plan, then plan to fail. The worst-case scenario in Thailand, asking "What's in it or me?", must respectfully yield to what best serves the nation's common good, common cause, common decency and common honesty t

Common sense measures the possible, seeing things as they are, while envisioning the improbable, doing things as they should be done. 
Common sense is in spite of, not as a result of, education. Pursuit of truth and wisdom involve common sense simplified, clarified and reorganised. 
Unless we join forces to work for the common good, there won’t be any.
I admire the calm, decisive, reconciliatory approach and competent management direction advocated by the National Council for Peace and Order. 
After the divisive, tempestuous stand-off in the name of mislabelled, Thai-style democracy, Army chief Prayuth Chan-ocha deserves a chance to bring order out of chaos and hope without hype by creating his unique fair-minded, far-sighted vision of a road to recovery, bumpy though it may be.
“We the People” need to change tone and tactics with ballots not bullets, replacing thugs with hugs, cooperation for corruption, kindness for closed-mindedness. 
Weary of war and exhausted by violent conflict, our global family must bring back common-sense, savvy gut instincts, encourage family values and initiate a pro-active civil strategy focusing on vigorous debate within an open-air, free marketplace in a tug-of-peace survival quest.
Charles Frederickson