Corruption versus Democracy: Luke, I'm your father

opinion May 28, 2014 00:00

By Tulsathit Taptim

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With a single brutal stroke, Democracy is down and Corruption looming over him. (The dramatic scene, though, may be an illusion, because anyone watching only sees what he wants to see. In reality, it's hard to pinpoint who is actually down or standing or

Since the very beginning of their unique war, Corruption has kept telling Democracy that they are one single entity that only became divided by man’s “unrealistic” attempt to be good. Their fight over the Kingdom of Thailand has been surreal and many times, as the enemies locked horns, it was difficult to tell them apart.)
The Thai coup has stunned Democracy, of course. But as Corruption laughs hysterically, is this truly the end? Or is Corruption holding a poor hand but trying to put on a poker face? If so, he’s doing it perfectly.
Corruption: How about that? I told you not to take too long. A deal with me would have prevented that silly coup.
Democracy (gasping for air): Don’t you like it?
Corruption: Of course I like it. Anything associated with man’s dark side is fine by me. As I told you, the dark side is real. The other side, or whatever you try to be, is just a dream.
Democracy: Don’t be too cocky. Haven’t you read the statements by John Kerry and the EU? This isn’t over until it’s over.
Corruption: Coming from countries that specialise in colonialism and modern-day invasions, they don’t worry me that much. In fact, I feel bits of me in them. My seeds are great, you know. All they need is a little air, water and, of course, vanity.
Democracy: Your world will shrink. Everyone’s closing in on you.
Corruption: Really? Hasn’t it ever occurred to you that it’s the other way round? I’m everywhere, boy. If you think I’m only about skimming off state budgets, mega-project bribes and locking up free-speech crusaders, you are badly mistaken.
Democracy: You’ll lose.
Corruption: I won’t, as long as people still pay off schools to get their kids enrolled. Not as long as the economic system is based on what people do “on paper” and not what they “actually” do. Not as long as “democratic powers” spy on their citizens and allies. Not as long as people cherish freedom and in the same breath condemn Edward Snowden and WikiLeaks. Not as long as money is printed out of thin air rather than a country’s true worth. Do you want me to go on?
Democracy: Okay, you’ve made your point. But how worse off would the world have been without me?
Corruption: Talking to you is exasperating. I’m not saying the world doesn’t need you. I’m saying the world needs to accept me as a big part of you. You are a dream, all right, but I grant that every man can dream. Our deal would be simple: You go to gala dinners defending human rights; I trigger the smart bombs and do extra-judicial killings.
Democracy: You make it sound so easy.
Corruption: Hey, airhead, “making it sound so easy” implies it has yet to happen. All of what I’ve said is already happening or has happened. Our pact will just wipe out all the hypocrisy and teach school kids like it is when it comes to “Democracy”.
Democracy: You want to give up your name and use mine instead.
Corruption: Bingo. Some signs of a brain finally! But since we share the same DNA, why is that such a big deal? All pride does is turn you into a hypocrite. Be a man. Take it on the chin.
Democracy: I’d rather die than let you share my name.
Corruption: Who’s Luke Skywalker’s father?
Democracy: I see where you’re coming from, and you’ve told me this before. Take my word for it – you’re not my father, Darth Vader.
Corruption: Don’t call me that. The guy turned to the good side in the end, the only big plot flaw in an otherwise excellent philosophical film. In reality, everyone turns to the dark side in the end. And you know what the best part is? They cross over to the dark side dreaming that they are noble. That’s how I operate my friend. I do things behind the scenes and let you get all the credit. I let you advocate free speech and win plaudits and at the same time give you such excuses as “homeland security” to break your own principles. I let you condemn other people’s “bribery”, and I justify your need to give away “gifts”.
Democracy: Okay, you are Al Pacino in “The Devil’s Advocate”.
Corruption: Bingo, again. I’d get you off the tightrope. I’d keep moving the line away from you so you wouldn’t have to cross it. And remember what Al Pacino says before the credits roll? “Vanity, definitely my favourite sin.” In other words, you stand no chance against me.
And the world, heaven and hell continue to hold their breath...