Controlled news is bad news

your say May 31, 2014 00:00

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Coups are not always bad, especially this latest one in Thailand - where the country was being robbed, cheated on, and led to ruin by a group of unscrupulous politicians.

The military’s intervention has stopped the almost-daily killings on the streets of Bangkok. Large caches of war weapons, the like of which the country had never before seen, have been seized. These are strong evidence that some elements have been preparing to start a civil war here for quite some time.
Nevertheless, good coups must have good excuses. The generals who staged the coup have no training in political matters.
In our 21st-century world of round-the-clock rolling news, Army chief General Prayuth Chan-ocha must realise that the coup he has led needs good public relations.
Prayuth might counter criticism by arguing that politics is not his speciality. But that defence is irrelevant, as it was he who decided to trespass onto political ground.
Hence, nowadays even coup leaders must be prepared to answer hard questions – and be humble too.
Vint Chavala