Constructive views are those most welcome

your say May 05, 2014 00:00

I want to clarify my stance concerning foreigners residing in Thailand.

We Thais are always grateful to you foreigners who have come here and found our country a lovely place to stay. 
There are foreigners here who have contributed so much to our country and have nothing to complain about. For that, we say thanks to you for being our true friends. 
However, there are some comments in the English-language media that have been posed to be harmful to Thailand – comments that are groundless, accusatory and condescending. They are far from constructive. 
Some comments on these pages, if published in Thai, would have Thais instantly fuming. 
Less than 5 per cent of Thais living in Thailand read their news in English, but news – especially in English – travels around the world in a matter of seconds. 
As the saying goes, “Good news is no news, but bad news sells”. 
Since I love my country as you do yours, I hope you understand my stance on this. 
Vint Chavala 

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