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Confused over cholesterol?

Re: "Vegetarianism based on faith, not facts", Letters, December 31.

Thomas Turk says I'm confused. Absolutely not. That I can see confusion indicates I am far from confused. Regarding cholesterol, I am the victim of other people's confusion. The confusion stems from those who claim to have sufficient expertise to enable them not to be confused. The real confusion lies within the medical profession and other "knowledgeable entities".

For example, Thomas Turk recommends two raw egg yolks daily (and provides the reasons why), yet my doctor suggests exactly the opposite. Researchers at the University of Oxford propose that statins should even be prescribed for healthy people, such is the effectiveness of the drug, whereas others claim the side-effects include kidney failure. Why should I believe Thomas Turk over my own doctor? Why should I believe my own doctor over, say, online medics? Why should I believe Oxford researchers over other research workers? Why should I believe anyone or anything over what my body tells me?

No confusion there. These are common-sense questions which help locate where the actual confusion is festering.

John Shepherd


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