Compromise the only light in this dark tunnel

your say February 27, 2014 00:00

The situation in Thailand is very complex and, no matter how many layers you peel through, you can easily fall into backing one side against another.

And therein lies the problem. Taking sides, blame games, threats and the inability to see that this stalemate is causing irrefutable harm to businesses, the economy, tourism, ordinary folk, Thailand’s image and now, with the loss of four innocent lives, children. And for what? As an open-minded individual, I have listened to both sides – Suthep’s arguments about eradicating the” corrupt Thaksin’s regime”, and Yingluck’s claim to be upholding a democratic Constitution. But what Thailand needs now is leaders able to navigate through these issues without taking sides, understanding that neither side is going to get everything it wants. I love Thailand, the Thai people, and the Buddhist foundation that makes Thailand so special. So it hurts me to see the situation heading into a downward spiral. Can’t the leaders and followers on both sides take a step back and grasp that this fighting is now pushing Thailand into a dark place? “Negotiation” and “compromise” are words we have not heard for a long time, but both sides must see that they are the only way out of this grim situation.

Roren Stowell