Compromise the law, destroy democracy

your say March 18, 2014 00:00

The notion that the independent agencies that administer the laws of the country should play the role of mediators will destroy democracy in one blow.

To mediate means to call for compromise from each party – the government and the PDRC.
Compromise the law and the very pillars upon which democratic governance rests will collapse.
For years the laws of Thailand have not only been compromised but completely ignored. Do the laws of the country permit a prime minister to buy favours from those in strategic positions in major institutions? Does the law permit such corrupt practices as the rice pledging scheme? Does the Constitution allow the police force to be partisan? Does the law allow those against whom it finds to respond with military hardware and kill 20 people without taking action? It seems the answer to these questions here is yes.
Only recently has the law been seen to be applied, but it seems this is foreign to the lawless, who have been doing as they please for years. Rather like the old wild west, the law is the barrel of a gun and might is right.
It seems the judiciary is buckling in fear. Terrorist lawbreakers  must not be allowed to take control of the country. There should be no negotiating with gunmen and bombers supporting corruption. As the police are totally inactive, the military should protect all seven agencies and members’ homes to allow them to work freely.
The only way to establish a sound democracy is to apply the law independently of government and protesting bodies.
J C Wilcox