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Claiming cholesterol is harmless is dangerous nonsense

Re: "Chefs not well versed in healthy eating", Letters, December 26.

Once again Thomas Turk uses the Letters section to spread extremely dangerous and irresponsible nonsense.

Yes, cholesterol is essential for life. But that doesn't mean we need to consume it. Blood is also essential for life. But we don't drink it!

He writes there is no harm in consuming cholesterol. Then how come in America one-third of heart attacks occur in people whose cholesterol is between 150 and 200? Yet fatal heart disease is very rare among people whose cholesterol is below 150.

Numerous doctors, the renowned Dean Ornish among them, have reversed heart disease without using medication by putting their patients on low-fat vegetarian diets.

So I am once again demanding that you name one doctor in medical history who has had the same success using your diet, Mr Turk. It's put-up-or-shut-up time. You owe the public an answer.

Eric Bahrt


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